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Bohemian Chic

The bold blue creates a vast space of serenity, while the eye-catching textures add fun and variety to this unique space.

Coastal Warmth

The use of lighter browns and blues in this design brings the sand and sea right into your office space. The vacation mindset can put your clients at ease and invoke a sense of serenity.

Farmhouse Chic

The lack of ornamentation and use of plants in this design feels truly calming. You can invite your clients into this soothing space without making them feel overwhelmed or overstimulated.

Farmhouse Gold

Your clients can truly feel at home with this approachable and homey concept. It features the trademark woods used in farmhouse designs paired with a patterned rug that brings just the right amount of charm.

Farmhouse Welcome

This design immediately invokes a feeling of genuine hospitality. From the accessible art to the hearty welcome sign, this waiting room style speaks of comfort.

Industrial Iron

The mixed materials used in this design – wood and iron combined with darker grey and brown fabrics – help to create a space that feels industrious yet accessible.

Mid Century Geo

Classic Mid-Century Modern colors combined with earthy woods and crisp white accents offer up a stylish office space.

Mid Century Layers

The use of layers in this design is both effective and efficient. The use of wood is reminiscent of natural surroundings, and the lack of embellishment highlights the mid-century modern style.

Mid Century Mint

This style is the definition of refreshing. The lines are defined without being harsh and the use of mint woven throughout the pieces creates a harmonious feel.

Modern Blues

The eye is immediately drawn to the distinct lines in this design. Each piece was chosen specifically for a function, but when placed within the therapy office the style will automatically also feel warm and cohesive.