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About TheraSuite

Therapeutic expertise and a love for design are what make Therasuite the go-to for your therapy office designs.

When Alison Pidgeon, MA, LPC founded Move Forward Counselling LLC, she set out to create the best possible space for her clients. Keeping in mind that her office may be the nicest space her clients are in all week, she searched for a company that specializes in outfitting private therapy offices. Alison’s search came up short; so, she put her therapeutic expertise with her love of design to work to create a space that welcomed her clients and honored their unique needs. Now, with years of experience designing her own offices, Alison has launched her fifth enterprise, TheraSuite.

TheraSuite provides professionally developed style boards that were created with a therapy office in mind. Our interior designers seek out the best therapy office furnishings– like soundless clocks, art that functions as sound panels, and more– that enhances the space in which the therapeutic work happens.

how it works!

TheraSuite clients have two options:

option 1: Do It Yourself

Browse our custom style boards to find the design that is right for you. Purchase the style board to obtain the full list of carefully selected items featured in the design. Then use the direct links provided to purchase your chosen items directly from the vendors. Settle in and enjoy your ideal space!

option 2: Design it Together

Check out our style boards to get a feel for each designer’s vision, and choose the person that’s right for you. Next, you’ll connect directly with your designer to begin customizing your design. Together you will create the ideal Therapy Office Design to meet all of your tastes and needs!

About Alison

Alison Pidgeon, LPC is a counselor, serial entrepreneur and lover of all things interior design. She started Move Forward Counseling LLC in 2015 in Lancaster, PA and designed many office spaces as her private practice grew. Realizing this was a challenge for many therapists, Alison decided to offer a solution for other practice owners who wanted an easy way to furnish and decorate their office helping them achieve a cohesive, calm, and professional looking space.

Alison’s Other Companies

Move Forward Virtual Assistants

Move Forward Virtual Assistants LLC is our sister company and specializes in providing highly trained virtual assistants to therapy practice owners so they can focus on providing therapy to clients and running their business. From scheduling clients to checking benefits and much more, our virtual assistants are ready to help take your business to the next level. Learn more at:

Practice of the Practice

Practice of the Practice is a podcast and business consulting company for therapists who want to start, grow and scale their practice. Founded and led by Joe Sanok, Practice of the Practice is one of the most popular and valuable resources for learning about the business side of private practice. Alison Pidgeon has been a business consultant with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and specializes in helping solo practitioners start their own group practice as well as helping group practice owners scale up and streamline their business.

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