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PresenTime & Co 10″ Farmhouse Series Wall Clock

‚òÖ„Äê Size „Äë: 10 inch in diameter, making it a great size for any space
‚òÖ„Äê It Suits Every Taste „Äë: Farmhouse, Antique, Vintage, Coastal, Industrial, Cabin, Art Deco, Modern, and Classic style Wall Clock
‚òÖ„Äê Enjoy the Silence- Accurate & Quiet Sweeping Quartz Movement „Äë: No ticking sound at night gives you a sweet dream through the whole night. 1 x AA battery for operation, not included
‚òÖ„ÄêBring Your Wall to Life„Äë: This elegant design brings any space’s wall into life. A great addition to home or office, such as living room bedroom, kitchen, patio, backyard, office, school, cabin
‚òÖ„Äê Raised 3D Arabic Numerals With Great Color Finishes„Äë: Easy to read from distance. Hand painted galvanized finish & Shiplap style clock face